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Summation CT’s Chassis Mounting

R858.00 ex VAT

Summation CT, 5+5+5/5A 5+5/5A
Summation current transformer

Class 1 10VA

Summation CT

1+1/1A and NEW5+5/A  R 858.00
 Class 1 10VA

Summation CT

 1+1+1/1A and NEW 5+5+5/5A R1306.00
 Class 1 10VA

Summation CT

 1+1+1+1/1A and 5+5+5+5/5A R1605.00

In Addition To Our Standard Range CT’s, We Are Able To Supply The Following:

  • Non-Standard CT’s Manufactured To Client’s Specifications
  • 5P10 & 5P20 / 10P10 & 10P20 Range Of CT’s
  • Resin Cast CT’s For Protection And Metering
  • Split Core And Clamp-on CT’s
  • Interposing CT’s

Please Contact Us For Pricing And Delivery With Regards To Your Specific Requirements


Summation CT 5+5+5/5A   OR    Summation CT 5+5/5A

Summation CT 5+5+5/5A